Story Text vs. World Lore

On Deep Realms, you can create so-called "worlds". A world is made up of two parts: the story text and the world lore.

Story Text

The story text can be any kind of story: fantasy, sci-fi, mystery, romance etc. It can be written in the first person perspective or third person perspective. It can also be a CYOA (Choose Your Own Adventure) kind of story - it is really up to you.


As I open my eyes, the memory of a delightful dream slips away, leaving only a vague sense of contentment. I feel as though today holds a promise of new experiences and adventures. I quickly hop out of bed, excited for what the day might bring. Just as I'm about to open the curtains, someone knocks on my door softly. "Are you up? There's something you have to see," says a voice muffled through the wooden frame.

World Lore

The world lore is a collection of facts, rules and descriptions pertaining to the world or universe the story is set in. This helps guide the AI when writing, in order to ensure that the story really does take place in the universe you envisioned.


The story is set in the year 2004 in a small fictional town called Morrow Creek.

Morrow Creek is a small, peaceful town surrounded by dense forests and rolling hills. Its charm lies in its old-fashioned brick buildings, a few family-owned shops, and the iconic wooden bridge that crosses the gentle creek running through the town's heart.

The main protagonist of this story is a teenage girl named Maria Vasquez. She has a keen sense of justice and a quiet strength, has always been intrigued by the mysteries that seem to cloak Morrow Creek. Born and raised in the small town, Maria's life took a turn when her mother, a well-regarded local journalist, mysteriously disappeared while investigating a story about the town's historical landmarks. With only her father and younger brother left, Maria has grown up much faster than most teenagers, taking on responsibilities and nurturing a resolve to uncover the truth behind her mother's disappearance.

Maria has two close friends: David Johnston and Emily Torres.

David Johnston is a bright and curious teenager with a knack for technology and a passion for solving puzzles. Raised in Morrow Creek, David's upbringing was shaped by the loss of his father, a local firefighter, in a mysterious blaze that the town never quite forgot.

Emily Torres is the embodiment of resilience and creativity. The daughter of the town's librarian, she grew up surrounded by books, which fueled her vivid imagination and love for storytelling. Emily's upbringing was marked by financial hardship, prompting her to work part-time at the local diner.