Stories Tutorial

What is Deep Realms?

Deep Realms is an AI storytelling and writing platform. Create and explore characters, narratives and worlds, together with our AI writer. Furthermore, our NSFW AI writer offers the flexibility to delve into any kind of story, with no filters or restrictions. Your story, your rules.

What can you do with the Deep Realms app?

Have you ever wanted to go on an adventure inside the world of one of your favorite novels? Did you ever wish you could have a chat with a fictional character? Or perhaps you want to explore worlds forged with your own words? Well, now you can!

How to get started?

On the left-hand side, there’s a panel, which can take you to one of three pages: „Play”, „Worlds” and "Gallery".

The „Worlds” page

A world is just some text containing a story. It can really be any kind of story: fantasy, sci-fi, mystery, romance etc. It can be written in the first person perspective or third person perspective. It can also be a CYOA (Choose Your Own Adventure) kind of story - it is really up to you. Through the „Worlds” page, you can upload the story text, based on which a world will be created. Creating a world can take several minutes, since the AI has to process all of the text and prepare it.

Once you have created a world, it’s time to create a story. A story takes place in one of the worlds you created on the „Worlds” page. Its a way for you to have many adventures in the same world, which do not affect each other. Through the „Stories” page you can create a new story. All you have to do is give it a name and choose the world you want it to take place in. Once you created a story, its finally time to go to the „Play” page.

The „Play” page

Once you’re on the „Play” page, the first step is to select the story you would like to continue. Then you can either:

1. press the „Send” button right away to generate text without any additional input.

2. add and modify the story by typing into the text area and then press "Send".

3. write an action (performed by one of the characters in the story) into the action input area and then press "Send".

Pressing the „Send” button sends the story text, along with anything you wrote in the action input area, to the AI. The AI will then take several seconds to generate a continuation of the story. There’s also an redo button, to redo the last generated continuation.

The „Gallery” page

Here you can find worlds crafted by the community, as well as official Deep Realms content. Many of those worlds utilize the World Engine (see next section) to transform traditional storytelling into an experience crafted by you, the world creator, and the AI. The gallery is a great place to look for inspiration, or to share a world of your own and inspire others!

The World Engine

Unlock a new realm of possibilities via the World Engine feature. The World Engine enables you to create almost any kind of text-based game or experience on Deep Realms. For example, you can create a text RPG, a visual novel, a CYOA, and much more. This generally involves programming, however, it is also possible to avoid programming entirely if you prefer to (at the cost of some flexibility/control when building). Click here to learn more about the World Engine.


You can now use the models on Deep Realms to chat with characters via the SillyTavern app! Click here to learn more.